Evan Jansen

Graphic Designer +

3D Generalist

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I'm a designer and 3D generalist based in Madison, WI. I really appreciate what good design can achieve and strive for effectiveness and fun in everything I do.

Some brands I've worked with

Past Experience

  • Graduated from the University of Dubuque, IA with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2018 🎓
  • Became a graphic designer with Boyd Creative Services in Dubuque that same year
  • Moved to Madison and joined the manufacturing industry with Universal Presentation Concepts as a graphic artist in 2021
  • Performed an assortment of small projects spanning stream templates and emotes, themed nail art sets, hot sauce labels, 3D printing, and various art contest submissions

Current Skills

  • Assessing priorities and working with multiple projects at a time
  • Conceptualizing, sketching, and rendering different design ideas
  • Locating a double space in a sea of words 🔍
  • Adhering to brand guides and procedures, or creating them from scratch
  • Determining space, structure, composition, and layout for optimal reception and retention
  • Working collaboratively with clients to bring their ideas and desires to life with quick turnaround


I'm proud of

Calamity Jane's Ice Cream Parlor

A fun and well-received poster design that went

up between the parlor and neighboring theater

Dofus Art Contest

First place came with an exclusive

in-game emote. Score!


ZBrush, Blender, 3ds Max, and UE4 come

together to create a compelling idea


3D printed sculpture won first place and

Student's Choice at the EDGE Art Show

Design is cool.

I took this photo btw

My other works

Like what you see?

Working with Boyd and UPC has provided me with opportunities to create important and satisfying pieces while expanding my knowledge and skill set to improve for the future.

Please take a peek through my extended portfolio.

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Madison, WI | (608) 520 0696